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Air Lift 3S, 3P, 3H - Which One Is For Me ? - FunctionWerks
Air Lift 3S, 3P, 3H - Which One Is For Me ?
by FunctionWerks Sales on May 05, 2021 Categories: Functionwerks

For anyone looking to run Air Suspension, you’ll need an Air Management kit to regulate the pressure in your bags. Air Lift Performance offers 3 different Air Management kits that have earned a strong reputation in the community. But how do you know which kit is right for you?
The 3 Air Management kits that Air Lift sells are 3S, 3P, and 3H. They retail at $699, $1,340, and $1,735 respectively.


The 3S is the entry level air management system. This kit comes with a simplified Air Lift manifold, and allows built-in Bluetooth access for use with the Air Lift Mobile app. This is the cheapest and most basic of the three, and is a great way to get into Air Suspension.
While this kit doesn’t come with a physical controller and relies on your phone app, you can always purchase a controller on your own to upgrade the kit. 


3P is the middle of the road system, and allows for pressure control through the included ALP3 controller. While the manifold does allow for Bluetooth use with the app, the Air Lift Performance 3 controller is backlit, and allows for 5 custom pre-sets, as well as real-time info about the pressure in each bag


3H is the top of the line Air Management System, allowing for full height control of your vehicle. After installing the included height sensors, the controller can independently adjust each corners height, or pressure in the bag. If you purchase the 3P, you can purchase the height sensors and linkages on their own to upgrade to a 3H. 

The great thing about Air Lift Air Management systems is that the 3P and 3H systems are interchangeable, and if you decide to start out with  a 3P, you can always buy the upgrade kit to start controlling height. The 3S is not interchangeable with 3P or 3H.