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Aftermarket Suspension vs. Stock Suspension - Which One is Better?
Aftermarket Suspension vs. Stock Suspension - Which One is Better?
by FunctionWerks Sales on May 05, 2021 Categories: Functionwerks

Your car's suspension system is as vital to its performance as is its engine. Yet, many car owners neglect to upgrade their vehicle's suspension when modifying their rides for higher performance. A proper suspension system gives support to the weight of your car as well as keeps its body movements under control when you go over a bump. So, it improves your overall ride quality by isolating your vehicle from the imperfections on the road underneath.

When looking for suspension upgrades, you'll see they come in two main classes - stock suspensions and aftermarket suspensions.


A stock suspension system is what your car comes with by default. It should deliver excellent performance and bring comfort to the driver and occupants. On the other hand, an aftermarket suspension system is the one you buy from an independent automotive manufacturer to improve your car's capabilities. They're also known as performance suspension since they improve your vehicle's performance. Aftermarket suspensions enhance steering response and lower wheel slip, and can help with a comfier ride.


1.     Vehicle Responsiveness:

Aftermarket suspension parts such as control arms and anti-roll bars significantly improve your car's responsiveness and its ability to maneuver around tight turns. The more responsive your vehicle is, the better will be your driving experience. Furthermore, they reduce tire squeal and body rolls.

2.     Improved Braking:

Since suspension upgrades improve your vehicle's stability, the energy generated from braking gets distributed more evenly throughout your car. Consequently, it drastically improves your car's braking performance.

3.     Customization:

Stock suspensions suit the needs of a large audience, so they are very generic. On the other hand, aftermarket suspensions are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. You have complete freedom to tweak each corner for the best balance and control. 

4.     Aesthetically Pleasing:

Some suspension components alter the stance of your vehicle and give it a more sporty appearance. So, you cannot only choose the level of performance you want but also adjust its ride height for a more pleasing look.

5.     Material Upgrades:

Stock market suspension manufacturers use rubber or low-grade metal to make these kits. Alternatively, aftermarket suspension systems are crafted from the finest quality materials such as polyurethane for bushings because of their longevity, simplicity to use, and performance. These high-grade materials are what give aftermarket suspensions a better value.


There are two popular ways to overhaul your current suspension.

1.     Static Coilover Systems:

Static Coilover systems replace your vehicle's entire shock and spring combination, which increases your options for customization and adjustments. A Coilover system lets you adjust the height of your ride, the spring preload, rebound, and shock dampening. Since you can individually modify them, you can modify each corner for ultimate balance and control. If you would like to track your vehicle, these are ideal for you.

2.     Air Suspension System:

Air suspensions are the most advanced and expensive kind of suspension kits. They're popular since they allow for all the adjustments that static Coilovers offer, while also letting you alter your vehicle's ride height and pressure. What makes this truly amazing is that you can change your height setting while on the go. You can prefix your car's height for when you park, drive, and even while driving it over obstructions. Some of the more advanced air suspension kits let you modify your vehicle's height through phone applications, which add significantly to their overall convenience and value.


Your car's suspension system plays a crucial role in its overall performance. Therefore, when it is time to upgrade other components of your vehicle for better ride quality, you should also change its suspension system. While a stock suspension has its limitations, you can choose and tweak an aftermarket suspension system as per your needs to get the most out of your vehicle.